Friday, 22 August 2014

Ey everyone. My name is Tyler, and this is my first post.

Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to getting aquainted in person. Already bricking it after seeing how half the other verified first years are more skilled at art than me. G-g-good job, guys...

If you'd like, you can browse through the blog I used for my college work throughout the previous two years:

Don't have much to say about myself. My favorite colour is lime-green, my favorite animals are fish, and my hobbies include being a handsome average looking man, and staying at home all day being a useless NEET.

I'm sure we'll be good chums.

Oh, and as a peacekeeping offer, here's a crappy drawing I did in a couple of minutes. Enjoy.


  1. Hi!
    Welcome in CGA family : D

  2. Hello Tyler,
    The name is Stitch (I've heard all the jokes) nice to meet you!

    I am your mentor for your foreseeable year 1 experience this means you can come to me if you have any problems or if you are just looking for a little advice on software or whatever. You can reach me at and I will get back as possible. I am a CAA alumni so you may not see me much at Uni but you can always reach me online and I will be watching your progress closely and hopefully giving you some valuable advice along the way.

    Now that being said there may be times where my advice seems blunt but rest assured I am only being honest with you. This is just to help you along your way to make you into the best artist you can possibly be. I have made loads of mistakes over my creative career and I'm just trying to help you avoid a few pit-falls should they arise.

    You can find my blog here:
    My year 3 collaboration project blog here:

    Please check them out if you have time because with any luck after the next 3 years you will have a body of work that will in one form or another look like this. You will be tired, you will wonder how you did it but you will find it was totally worth it. My main advice here is that you keep your head down, keep making work and keep posting it online... It doesn't matter if it's a detailed concept portrait or the crappy F sketch you knocked up on a bumpy train ride home... Your blog is about how you have progressed as an artist.

    Now, with all the tough love shit out of the way let me just say that I looked at your college blog which at the start looked like a barrage of random content until I got down to your robots which were a very nice and stylised idea. It's good that you have a Maya background that will do you service here. My advice is just try to avoid filling your UCA blog with unrelated randomness you want everything clean and concise that clearly identifies your process of creativity. If a picture doesn't paint the 1000 words add your own words beneath it and explain what you have done or why you have done it.

    Lastly I concur with Daniel that sketch is whacky, you have a comedic pop art style... I'm looking forward to seeing how you progress.

    Anyway I will be floating around as will others,
    I might see you at the drinks on Friday just look for the nervous guy in a cult jacket.