Monday, 13 October 2014

Invisible Cities - Colour Schemes/ theory

Colour is very important to me. It's the most powerful element that any visual artist has full control of, in my opinion. So I've been spending today testing out 18 different colour schemes that I had in mind for my city. I took the same simple  thumbnail image and changed the colour, lighting and sky to create all sorts of different moods. Some I evidently spent more time trying to get right than others. I'm very pleased with what I got, and would have no issues using any of these pallettes for my final product.

Which one(s) do you all like best?

(Oh and sorry, I didn't number them, feel like a total muppet for only just realising I forgot to do this now.)


  1. Hi Tyler - I think this is a very useful exercise, and you're demonstrating great sensitivity for colour - BUT - it's not really helping you nail your 'imagineering' of your city, and it's difficult to choose favourites without a context (i.e. the mood of your city as indicated by your visual concept). I know these building are simple because colour is the focus, not concept art, but let's see you drill down into your design work too.

  2. The two red ones are my favourites, but I really like the ones with the suns too!