Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Invisible Cities - Tamara Lettering

The focal point of Tamara is it's signs. Naturally, there's going to be a lot of lettering visible. However, I don't think it would feel right if it were all in English. I want to make the people viewing my city (you guys) feel foreign, and like a stranger to it. So I quickly scribbled up a new alphabet just for this project. Some notes:

-It is to be read from bottom to top. [Paragraphs being left to right.] This is to give it a bit more of a city feel, as if the words are expanding from the ground like a skyscraper
-The Oo and Oh are just representing different pronounciations of the letter O of our alphabet. For example, the Os in "Photo" would be "Oh".
-S multiple is the S added to the end of a word to signify there is more than one of it. 'S is to be used instead of S to imply ownership.
-E Punctuate  is the E added to the end of a word to signify when a vowel uses it's single-letter pronounciation, for example, "Hate", ect.
-There is no Q or X. When these letters pop up, they will be made using a number of existing letters to form their sounds.

Here's now it looks in writing:

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