Thursday, 2 October 2014

Maya - Spider mech

Since I was tasked with creating a model with Maya using the tutorials provided by Alan, I decided to make a model entirely using simple methods that most beginners really should know. No complex trickery here. Still didn't stop me from trying to make it the greatest looking spider mech you've ever seen! Still, theoretically, implying they've watched the first few of Alan's tutorials, a total newbie could make this.

...No pressure, tho.

The model took me roughly three hours.
Here are some making-of screenshots:


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  2. Thanks for showing this Tyler, after extrapolating the tutorials models like this are well within the reach of someone who has never used Maya. You should be able to get those tutorials knocked out in next to no time, don't forget to get them up on your blog as soon as possible..

  3. That's really awesome! Now I wanna make stuff toooooooooo
    The simple renders work great as well to show it off. *O*

  4. OGR 09/10/2014

    Hi Tyler,

    I'd like you to email me please at We obviously need to discuss/explore the OGR 'no show' on here, and likewise the near-complete absence of project-related work on your blog. Let's have a chat, because we need to address this situation promptly, because it can't continue. I look forward to hearing from you today.

  5. Hi there,

    It's really important that first years a) follow the group blog as a matter of habit and b) follow the blogs of year 2 and year 3 students, because we know that, by doing so, year 1 students develop more quickly and get more organised. You might have done all this already, but I know there are those who have not, and I'm keen to get everyone up to speed.

    If you haven't done so already, you need to add these to your Blogger reading list, by clicking on the 'ADD' button on your dashboard, pasting in the URLs and then 'following pubically'.

    Group Blog (You must be following this/checking this feed daily at least).

    Year 2

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